Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wines

Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wine is a decadent blend of red wine from California, silky milk chocolate and cream. Cocoa Vino is available in three flavors Original Chocolate Wine, Mint Chocolate Wine and Yumberry Chocolate Wine.

Watch as Paul Kalemkiarian and Ed Masciana taste the two Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wines, firstly the regular Cocoa Vino, followed by the Mint Flavored Cocoa Vino.

Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wines
Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wine Sample Labels

Transcription of the Cocoa Vino tasting video above.

Paul:      You know, we just tasted, like- how many wines did we taste, twelve?

Ed:          Twelve.

Paul:      But we spit it out, so it doesn’t affect us.

Ed:          It doesn’t affect me.

Paul:      No, not at all.

Ed:          Of course I was already there when I got here.

Paul:      So there’s a huge- not huge- there’s an emerging marketplace, and it’s called chocolate wine. How many have you had? Just this one?

Ed:          Three; I’ve had a couple of them.

Paul:      And they’re coming in different types of chocolate. There’s the elixir type that’s kind of like Kahlua; it’s translucent, it seems to be red wine mixed with some chocolate infusion of some sort. Then there’s some other fruit flavored versions of that, and then there’s the cream based ones, which is quite a few actually, here’s a couple here. Here’s the Chocolate Shot, here’s the one that’s most prevalent on the shelves, and it’s called Chocó Vino, which is Danish. And so we carry this Cocoa Vino, which it took me three weeks to taste a chocolate one. The guy gave me the samples, and I took them home and I sat on them.

Ed:          Wow. You must have gotten tired.

Paul:      And nothing happened, they didn’t hatch or anything! But didn’t that sort of disgust you when you first-

Ed:          Well now that I have to drink out of the bottle, yeah!

Paul:      These are fresh samples.

Ed:          Oh, good. OK, it’s not the one you sat on. Good, alright.

Paul:      Didn’t that sort of, like- doesn’t the idea kind of disgust you?

Ed:          Well, no, I mean- I don’t know. Hell, it’s not the craziest thing I ever heard of for crying out loud, in the wine business, come on.

Paul:      Well this one’s cream, chocolate, and wine. Hence: Cocoa Vino Chocolate Wine. And actually these folks here are wrestling with the name because there’s another Cocoa Vino out there in the marketplace-

Ed:          No, it’s Chocó Vino, and they’re the ones that are suing.

Paul:      No, there’s another Coco Vino out there.

Ed:          Oh, there is? I didn’t know.

Paul:      So I’m not going to get into those issues, but I just wanted to talk about the chocolate wine category, and a little bit about the ones that we carry, because I end up saying these are really good.

Ed:          They’re good.

Paul:      They have their application, but they’re not really wines, right?

Ed:          No, they’re not wine.

Paul:      But the fact that it has fermented grape juice in it and it’s 14% alcohol will tell you that it’s wine, right? That’s legally what it is.

Ed:          Right.

Paul:      But it’s really- it’s not a liqueur, but it’s an aperitif, you can make cocktails with it.

Ed:          Well the nice thing is that it’s low in alcohol. It’s 14% alcohol like a regular wine. So, sugar and alcohol are really lethal, you know? I mean, you start drinking like high sugar high alcohol stuff, and that stuffs really hard. You just lose it on that stuff.

Paul:      I just want to keep tasting.

Ed:          Very, very good. And I’m not spitting it out by the way.

Paul:      And by the way, they’re about $10, right?

Ed:          Really? That’s all?

Paul:      Yep. Almost all of them are $10. They’re usually tucked away like in the BevMo, there’s just like a chocolate wine category off in a corner, it’s not part of the mainstream shelving.  If you go to like your local market it’ll be amongst the mixers almost, you know that’s where it kind of ends up on the end of the wine thing.

Ed:          Right.

Paul:      But I think it’s an emerging market that people are going to start taking notice. You can make cocktails with it, there’s a video of me making whipped cream with it.

Ed:          Really? I bet that would be good.

Paul:      Since you’re a chef- you know, I put it in the Starbucks type canister whip cream maker with the nitrogen cartridges, and because the cream is aseptic it didn’t-

Ed:          Yeah, I’d have to see how that would work; it’s too thick for that I would think.

Paul:      So I cut it 50/50 with heavy whipping cream and it worked.

Ed:          Really? This isn’t any thinner.

Paul:      Well I think it’s the nature of the product, right?

Ed:          That could be.

Paul:      I talked to my mom about it; she puts a little gelatin in her whipped cream. Do you do that?

Ed:          No- well it depends on what the application is. I mean, if you really want to pipe it onto something that would make sense.

Paul:      So, I put a little gelatin- now then what I did was I made banana cream pie the other night, with the chocolate crust.

Ed:          That’s one of my favorites.

Paul:      I used about one quarter of this to three quarters of milk for the recipe for the dairy cream, sliced in the bananas, it was really amazing.

Ed:          I can just see this over vanilla ice cream. Has anybody ever tried to reduce it down and see what it tastes like?

Paul:      I don’t know, that’s a good idea. That’s a really good idea.

Ed:          I mean it’d be kind of interesting to see. I mean, who knows what kind of stabilizers are in there? It’s got cream, cream is pretty stable, but it could-

Paul:      Well, it’s aseptic so it has shelf life. This one does separate a tad, you can see a little chocolate on the bottom, but this one is the mint version so who knows what the mint infusion is. I’m not as crazy about it but it’s still really good.

Ed:          I actually love mint, it’s one of my favorite flavors, but I like it in Thai food and I don’t normally like it in a drink. Like a mint julep.

Paul:      I don’t like phony mint, I want a real mint.

Ed:          I’m with you there, definitely. But this just has a hint of mint.

Paul:      It does, the chocolate wine is really the predominant part of it but the hint of mint is in there.

Ed:          Actually, that’s really good, because it really doesn’t- I don’t know if I’d put the word mint just by itself on it, because it’s not like the Fernet Branca Menta, which will just kill you with mint.

Paul:      That’s right. Speaking of mint, we’re going to the Kentucky Derby on May 3rd, my wife and I, on the 2nd through the 3rd, we’re gonna watch the Kentucky Derby and we’re gonna drink mint juleps, I don’t care if she likes bourbon or not. But a mint julep is a teaspoon of sugar or sugar water, and some bourbon with crushed mint and flaked ice. So good, especially when your in-laws are coming over.

Ed:          Drink a lot of them before they get there.

Paul:      Anyway, that’s the chocolate wine that we carry here at the Wine of the Month Club. Cocoa Vino, and they have another flavor, their fruit flavor I think is Cherry/Raspberry.

Ed:          How much are they?

Paul:      I think they’re $10.99. We also have a basket called Sinfully Sinful that has 2 bottles of this plus a whole bunch of chocolate items. For that chocolate lover on your list, get the Cocoa Vino.

Ed:          Which is just about every girl on Earth.

Paul:      Should I edit that out?

Ed:          No.

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